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Disclosure of Material Transactions with Related Parties

Today Adler Group S.A. (the “Company”) signed an amendment agreement to the existing loan agreement pursuant to which ADLER Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft (“ADLER Real Estate”) has granted a loan in an amount of up to EUR 265 million to the Company. The amendment agreement extends the maturity of the loan to April 30, 2023. Otherwise, the conditions of the loan remain unchanged.

In consideration of the amendment agreement, the granting of the loan to the Company continues to withstand an arm's length comparison. 

In accordance with Art. 7quarter (6) para. 1 of the Luxembourg law of 24 May 2011 concerning the exercise of certain rights of shareholders of listed companies (in the amended version), this transaction is exempt from the disclosure requirements generally applicable to transactions with related parties, as ADLER Real Estate is a subsidiary of the Company that is not wholly owned and in which no other related parties of the Company hold shares. For the purpose of maximum transparency, the Company has nevertheless decided to publish the transaction on its website.

Luxembourg, 14 April 2023

Adler Group S.A.
Board of Directors