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ADLER Group signs lease agreement for new offices

Berlin, 13 October 2020 – ADLER Group S.A. ("ADLER Group", formerly ADO Properties S.A.) today achieves another milestone in its integration process by taking an important step towards the collective relocation of the Group companies to the new offices in Berlin. The new 6,800 sqm headquarters of the Group will be located in the Quartier Heidestrasse, situated centrally between the current offices of the group companies and adjacent to Berlin’s Central Station and the government quarter. Almost 430 employees will be relocated to the newly developed building in December 2022. This move will not only allow our teams to more closely cooperate but also shall result in rental cost savings. This lease agreement, which shall be entered into today with Aggregate Holdings S.A., a shareholder of ADLER Group, will have a duration of 10 years at a rent of c. 30.45 EUR/sqm/month and includes two extension options for 5 years each. A leading real estate consulting company has provided ADLER Group with an analysis that the proposed rental price is in line with the market.

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