in the Development Projects

Project development is a key part of the Adler Group’s business model which is predominantly carried out by the Group company Consus Real Estate. In project development, the Adler Group pursues a comprehensive approach to the sustainable development and maintenance of properties, which extends from the construction phase to the subsequent operation of the building. Sustainability in real estate development and maintenance is not limited to energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, but also includes aspects of social interaction and mobility, such as proximity to public facilities or local transportation, or partnership-based interaction with tenants, municipal authorities, planners, investors and other stakeholders.

Targets in real estate development

Preparation of energy concepts for all new buildings and general renovations, campus and neighborhood developments.

Preparation of life cycle assessments for all new buildings and general refurbishments.

Technical controlling and commissioning management.

Energy management for all new buildings, general renovations and existing buildings.

Sustainability certifications for all new buildings, general renovations, campus and district developments in accordance with nationally and internationally recognized certification systems such as DGNB/LEED®/BREEAM in the gold or "very good" levels.