Organizational integration

in the Adler Group

Sustainability is one of five corporate values that shape the corporate culture. In addition, "Excellence in Sustainability" is one of six strategic paths of the Adler Group.

Support from the Board of Directors

The Executive Board is collectively committed to achieving the sustainability goals set. On the Board of Directors, responsibility for sustainability topics lies with the CLO. The Board of Directors is informed at regular intervals on relevant topics. In particular, Prof. Dr. A. Stefan Kirsten and Thomas Zinnöcker have many years of experience in ESG topics.

Decisions by the Sustainability Board

Specific decisions on sustainability issues are prepared and made by the Sustainability Board. All managers in whose areas of responsibility sustainability plays a role are represented on this board. Monthly meetings ensure an exchange of views, decision-making, responsiveness and cross-functional coordination.

Coordination by "Sustainability" staff unit

The "Sustainability" staff unit, newly formed in 2021, is responsible for the perception, coordination and bundling of sustainability issues throughout the Group.

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