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Adler Group is a Luxembourg-based real estate company operating in Germany specialising in the management and development of income-producing, multi-family residential real estate. The Group owns and manages approximately 25,047 residential rental units, largely concentrated in Berlin (around 70% of properties) and North-Rhine Westphalia (around 30% of properties).

Besides the residential rental portfolio, Adler Group owns a portfolio of development projects located in the largest cities of Germany. These development projects are primarily sold through either forward sales or upfront sales thereby generating funds to ultimately optimise the capital structure of the company.

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28 - 11 2023
Corporate News
Adler Group S.A. reduces debt thanks to successful portfolio sales in difficult market environment
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27 - 11 2023
Corporate News
Adler Group S.A.: General Meeting approves appointment of AVEGA Revision as auditor
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28 - 11 2023
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Publication Nine-Month Financial Statements Q3 2023
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on the financial results

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