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Adler Group S.A. is a Luxembourg-based real estate holding company with more than 500 subsidiaries (Adler Group) mainly operating in Germany. It specialises in the management and development of income-producing, multi-family residential real estate. Adler Group owns and manages 25,015 residential rental units, largely concentrated in Berlin (around 71% of properties) and North-Rhine-Westphalia (around 28% of properties). Most of the properties fall into the market segment of affordable housing. 

Besides the residential rental portfolio, Adler Group owns a portfolio of development projects located in some of the largest cities of Germany. Adler Group does not intend to hold them but rather to generate cash flow and earnings through either forward sales or upfront sales. 

As of 31 March 2024, Adler Group had 573 employees based in Luxembourg and in several locations across Germany.

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18 - 06 2024
Corporate News
Bondholders clear the way for Adler Group’s comprehensive recapitalisation
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05 - 06 2024
Corporate News
ADLER Group S.A.: Launch of Restructuring Plan by issuance of Practice Statement Letter
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29 - 08 2024
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