Our channels for whistleblower

Dear contractual partners,

Our Code of Conduct and our guidelines are intended to help you act fairly and in accordance with the rules in your day-to-day work. As a company, we are committed to integrity and transparency. Legal requirements must also be complied with in order to live up to the trust placed in us by our employees and contractual partners.

Therefore, it is a key concern of the company's management that both company employees and external parties are able to report suspected irregularities or potential violations without hesitation. 

In this context, it is crucial that whistleblowers are protected from reprisals - i.e. pressure or retaliation - if they report potential violations or wrongdoing in good faith.

What options do you have for providing information to the Adler Group?

The Adler Group has whistleblowing channels through which you can make anonymous reports at any time about matters that you believe could be potential violations of legal requirements or Adler Group S. A. policies:


The electronic whistleblowing system 'Integrity Line'

Our electronic whistleblowing system can be accessed at:


Here you can submit possible reports for all companies of the Adler Group and the Consus Group completely anonymously. You alone decide whether and for how long you wish to remain anonymous. The external service provider EQS also has no technical means of accessing your data. 

Only employees of the Compliance Department have access to the information received by the Integrity Line.


Our external lawyer of confidence

In the event of suspected corruption, white-collar crime and other legal and regulatory violations, Dr. Rainer Frank, our external lawyer of confidence (also known as the 'ombudsperson'), receives reports of criminal offences or administrative offences and other legal and regulatory violations. He and all employees of the law firm FS-PP Berlin are subject to the attorney-client privilege. Here, too, your anonymity is guaranteed.

This is how you can reach our lawyer of confidence:

By telephone: +49 30 318685933
By e-mail: vertrauensanwalt-adler-group@fs-pp.de or vertrauensanwalt-consus@fs-pp.de
Via the homepage: www.fs-pp.de
There you will find the subpages of the Adler Group or Consus in the footer (at the end of the homepage).

The whistleblower channels should not be used to discriminate against others. They also do not serve as general complaints offices for employees, contractual partners, tenants or prospective tenants. False accusations against better knowledge will not be tolerated. Let us deal with each other in a trusting and respectful manner!