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Thierry Beaudemoulin


Thierry Beaudemoulin has worked for real estate companies in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. In Germany, he was CEO of Covivio Germany and CEO of ADO before merging ADO with ADLER Real Estate. Mr Beaudemoulin has been working in real estate for more than 25 years.

Thomas Echelmeyer


Thomas Echelmeyer is a Certified Public Accountant and Tax Advisor. He has over 36 years of professional experience, of which he spent ten years as CFO for GWH Immobilien Holding GmbH. Prior to joining Adler Group as CFO, Mr Echelmeyer has been working on several interim CFO assignments in Germany.

Sven-Christian Frank


Sven-Christian Frank, attorney at law, mediator (DAA), has gathered over 25 years of experience in real estate and asset management – working in leading roles at renowned companies like Deutsche Real Estate AG. For the past seven years, Mr Frank has also been a member of the Board of ADLER Real Estate.