Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance begins with the organizational structure of a company and the filling of management positions. The Adler Group is a stock corporation under Luxembourg law, but it operates predominantly in Germany and has therefore committed itself to the German Corporate Governance Code.

The Company's management should, of course, respect all applicable laws, but should also be guided by the principles of the honorable businessman. To ensure that laws and guidelines within the Company are also observed by all employees at all times, the Adler Group has established an internal compliance management system. The key compliance issues within the Group are defined in written guidelines and communicated in a manner that is comprehensible to all employees.

To the guidelines and policies.

These are, among others

The Company’s Vision, Mission and Values

The Company’s Articles of Association

The Remuneration Report of the Board of Directors and Senior Management

Policies on



Cyber Security

Money Laundering Protection

Human Rights

The Code of Conduct

Political and Social Involvement

The Environment

Reports on


The ESG Risk Assessment