Corporate Governance

Adler Group places the highest value on good corporate governance in compliance with all applicable laws while also upholding the principles of ethical business conduct in our daily operations. In order to meet the requirements of good corporate governance at all times, Adler Group adapts its organisation continuously. This relates not only to structures, but also to reporting lines and management processes, taking into account the changing format of the Adler Group.

Effective compliance management is a key pillar of good corporate governance. Based on the general corporate objectives, the Adler Group's management has defined appropriate principles and guidelines to ensure that both the legal representatives and employees of the Adler Group and third parties comply with the applicable rules and laws. Through these principles and guidelines, the Adler Group intends to prevent serious violations of applicable laws and voluntary commitments.

At Adler Group, our compliance management is ingrained within our corporate culture, emphasising adherence to rules and ethical standards. This entails our management's commitment to exemplary compliance behaviour, serving as a guiding example for all. The integrity and responsible conduct of managers across all levels are pivotal in fostering a culture of compliance. With a primary goal of minimising reputational and financial risks, Adler Group has effectively implemented robust corporate governance practices thus far.

Please find the Corporate Governance Report in the Adler Group Integrated Annual Report 2023.

To the guidelines and policies.

These are, among others

The Company’s Vision, Mission and Values

The Company’s Articles of Association

The Remuneration Report of the Board of Directors and Senior Management

Policies on



Cyber Security

Money Laundering Protection

Human Rights

The Code of Conduct

Political and Social Involvement

The Environment

Reports on


The ESG Risk Assessment