of the Adler Group

Adler Group generates most of its revenues from rental income. Tenant turnover causes high costs, which is why Adler Group is very interested in increasing tenant retention and keeping the vacancy rate as low as possible. It intends to achieve this with a high quality of service and customer orientation. Adler Group recorded a turnover rate of 7.9% in 2022 - against 8.7% in the previous year - and concluded nearly 1,800 new rental agreements in total. Some of the residential premises are specifically rented to socially disadvantaged tenants. In addition, Adler Group provided housing for refugees from Ukraine in 2022 who had left their country because of the Russian invasion. 

Adler Group is also deeply rooted in the Berlin housing market due to its substantial property portfolio in the German capital. Adler Group was therefore among the first signatories of the “Alliance for New Housing Construction and Affordable Housing in Berlin” in 2022. In this programme, private, cooperative and municipal housing companies, business associations and welfare organisations work together with the city council to find quick solutions to provide more affordable housing in the growing city of Berlin.