of the Adler Group

In addition to a trusting relationship between tenants and landlords, social responsibility for tenants plays an important role for real estate companies. When companies behave with honesty and decency towards their customers, they improve their social acceptance and have better chances of being successful in the market. Adler Group tries to live up to this. As a landlord, it is committed to the well-being of tenants by offering affordable housing for tenants with average or below-average income. The commitment extends to the provision of a safe and healthy living environment, the offering of good services, and engagement in neighbourhood development.

Adler Group generates a large part of its revenues from rental income. Tenant turnover causes high costs, which is why Adler Group is very interested in increasing tenant retention and keeping the vacancy rate as low as possible. It intends to achieve this with a high quality of service and customer orientation. Adler Group recorded a turnover rate of 7.1% in 2023 - against 7.9% in the previous year – and concluded nearly 2,000 new rental agreements in total. Some of the residential premises are specifically rented to socially disadvantaged tenants. In addition, Adler Group continued to provide housing for refugees from Ukraine who had left their country because of the Russian invasion.

The Group collects feedback from its tenants on a daily basis concerning what they are satisfied with and what they complain about. It receives this feedback via a central service number, regional tenant offices or in personal contact with the facility managers on site. Adler Group had planned to carry out a tenant survey in order to systematically record tenant satisfaction in 2023. However, due to the uncertainty about which parts of the existing portfolio would be held in the longer term, this initiative has been postponed.

Experience shows that availability is a crucial factor for tenant satisfaction. In order to provide the best possible service, Adler Group is, with the support of an external call centre service provider, accessible 24 hours seven days a week via the central service number. A ticketing system makes sure that notifications of defects in a property are forwarded directly to the manager in charge. In addition, emergency numbers are provided.