of the Adler Group

Companies bear a social responsibility for their customers beyond the commercial relationship. Organisations that treat their customers fairly ensure their social acceptance and have better prospects to last longer on the market. This is especially true for the Adler Group at locations where its portfolio of affordable housing is geared towards tenants with average or below-average incomes. But to the Adler Group, social responsibility has always meant the specific obligation to work for the well-being of its tenants – by providing a safe and healthy living environment, good service and affordable rents and by serving as a reliable partner in developing neighbourhoods.

Ensuring reachability

All told, the Adler Group is represented at around 100 locations with branches, rental offices or caretaker liaison offices in the residential complexes. At all these locations, direct contact between tenants and the lessor is possible, which is an important social factor, particularly for older tenants – unless contact restrictions like those during the COVID-19 pandemic prevent this.

The usual point of contact is the central service number which tenants can use for any concerns they may have.

Providing security

In its properties, the Adler Group guarantees the conditions for a safe and healthy living environment at all times. This is thanks to an entire package of activities to ensure public safety as well as the health and safety of tenants (product and safety programme).

The responsibility for a sound living environment begins with the development and construction of properties. However, regulations, standards and classifications for the use of construction products also apply to the maintenance, renovation or refurbishment projects carried out in the Group’s existing properties. Regular maintenance, repairs and the replacement of technical systems, such as the drinking water, heating, electrical systems or lifts, fall under the remit of public safety obligations. They are therefore the Adler Group’s responsibility as the operator and are always met in full. In total, there were more than 38,000 inspections of the approximately 2,000 properties of the Adler Group in 2021, covering various aspects of public safety of buildings and facilities.

Supporting tenants

The Adler Group provides assistance for its tenants in various forms. In locations where the Adler Group operates entire residential complexes in particular, the company actively seeks to cooperate with charitable organisations, associations and citizens’ initiatives. At some locations, the Adler Group cooperates with charitable institutions to enable older people to live in age-appropriate housing. At others, the company provides rooms which are then used for anything from neighbourhood projects to tenant support, for social services or homework assistance, as a youth centre, a neighbourhood café or as a history workshop.

Promoting neighbourhood development

As a project developer and portfolio holder, the Adler Group actively participates in the development of neighbourhoods and urban renewal projects. The successful implementation of such projects demands the early involvement of all stakeholders, be they tenant initiatives, interest groups, community facilities or the authorities that make decisions on development plans. When interests are identified and balanced in advance, they can be incorporated into planning, avoiding conflict further down the line and ensuring the transparency of planning.

While the continuous involvement of stakeholders is stipulated by regulatory provisions to a certain extent, the Adler Group seeks contact with various social groups at an early stage – for instance in conjunction with neighbourhood management (Berlin Lichterfelde), round tables with tenant initiatives (Berlin Spandau) or to inform tenants about forthcoming activities (Wolfsburg, Goettingen) – in line with internal policies and standards (community involvement programme).

Active neighborhood management
in Berlin-Lichtenrade

Tenants bring their requests and ideas to neighboorhood management.

in Göttingen

When playgrounds are to be renovated, their young users are asked to contribute their ideas.

Building regional networks
in Stuttgart Vaihingen

Information und networking - Grassroots is the way to go..