Sustainability goals

of the Adler Group

Sustainability is an integral part of the Adler Group's DNA with various fields of action.

The optimisation of the property portfolio to achieve climate neutrality

The Adler Group has turned this general aspiration into the specific goal to halve the carbon emissions emanating from the property portfolio by 2030 (compared to 2020), and to carry out energetic refurbishment on around 2.2 percent of the portfolio per year. To this end, a total of around 275 million euros is to be invested in energy-efficient refurbishment and the conversion of heating systems.

The development of new buildings as climate-neutral neighbourhoods

The Adler Group’s goal is to have all new buildings certified to recognised standards such as DGNB/LEED®/BREEAM, and to achieve gold/“very good” ratings. Buildings which undergo energetic refurbishments will likewise be certified.

Strengthening employee satisfaction and top employer status

To this end, the Adler Group has taken various initiatives in 2021, including setting up a diversity program, defining employee benefits, establishing a learning world and asking employees for the first time in a survey about their satisfaction, motivation and wishes for improvement in the working environment. This survey is to be repeated annually.

Strengthening tenant satisfaction

The Adler Group has formulated the specific goal of regularly asking tenants about their satisfaction and suggestions for improving the living environment and service within the framework of a tenant survey and to noticeably improve tenant satisfaction on the basis of the results obtained in this way.

Top standards in good corporate governance

The Adler Group commits to high standards of corporate governance and has therfore based its efforts to achieve these on the German Corporate Governance Codex. In 2021, it formulated and adopted various policies and designed processes in the company so that they comply with the principles of good corporate governance.

Community involvement

The Adler Group has set itself the goal of actively participating in associations, fostering the dialogue with institutions and cities and getting involved in social projects around its neighbourhoods and properties.



The sustainability goals were formulated after careful analysis of the sustainability issues that are material for the Adler Group. The various sustainability aspects were assessed according to their relevance for the stakeholders and for the company's business.