Sustainability goals

of the Adler Group

Sustainability is an integral part of the Adler Group's DNA with various fields of action.

Climate neutrality

Adler Group has set itself the objective of halving CO2 emissions in its existing portfolio by 2030 (compared to 2020). This is in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the requirements of the German Federal Climate Change Act (Klimaschutzgesetz, KSG). Adler Group confirms this objective, even though the corresponding investment measures were largely put on hold in 2022. >

Employee satisfaction

Adler Group measures employee satisfaction by way of a survey that is conducted annually. The objective is to have at least 70% of all employees complete this survey which was not yet reached in 2022. Employee satisfaction in 2022 exceeded the previous year’s result showing that the employees of Adler Group recognise the efforts geared to increasing transparency, maintaining diversity, improving monetary and non-monetary benefits and providing more opportunities for personnel development.

Tenant satisfaction

Adler Group intends to regularly conduct tenant surveys to find out their level of satisfaction and also to collect suggestions concerning potential improvements of the communal environment or Adler Group's services. Such a survey had been planned for 2022. However, due to the massive portfolio adjustments it was postponed to 2023 in the expectation that more clarity would have been achieved by then which parts of the portfolio were to held long term. In the meantime, Adler Group is using the fluctuation rate as an indicator for tenant satisfaction.

Community involvement
Adler Group actively participates in associations, promotes dialogue with institutions and cities and is involved in social projects in and around the relevant neighbourhoods and properties. 

Corporate Governance/Compliance
Adler Group follows the German Corporate Governance Code, has issued various guidelines and formed a compliance organisation to ensure adherence to the regulations. In 2022, the Group commissioned an external service provider to review the maturity level of the Compliance Management System. The resulting recommendations have meanwhile been analyzed and their processing has begun.