Education and Training

in the Adler Group

The Adler Group launched a new, Group-wide uniform learning management system for compulsory instruction and further training, thereby significantly expanding the opportunities for in-company training. The type and scope of the further training offer are primarily based on the needs of the employees with regard to strengthening and expanding their professional skills or the development of further potential.

The training courses cover a wide range of topics, from fire safety and German for craftsmen to tenants' rights and payroll accounting. In 2021, 1,388 employees took part in the program. The average training time was 1.2 hours per full-time employee. In addition, the Adler Group supported dual courses of study and in-service training to become a trainer, coach and real estate specialist, as well as master's degree courses.


for employees

The Adler Group’s HR policy is guided by the belief that all employees, beyond their actual pay, should have acess to the same kind of benefits. For example, this applies to:

Fruit and drinks for all locations

Birthday gifts for employees

30 days holiday for all full-time employees

Contribution to the company pension scheme

Corporate benefits (offers and company discounts for various brands)

Job ticket

Job bike

Corporate Fitness (qualitrain)