Sustainability strategy

of the Adler Group

Sustainability Strategy at Adler Group

The Adler Group pursues an ambitious sustainability program that comprises various fields of action:

The CO2 roadmap aims to halve the greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the portfolio by 2030. To this end, the portfolio remaining after the transactions initiated last year will be upgraded in terms of energy with comprehensive renovations, and the heating and energy technology will be converted to environmentally friendly solutions. At the same time, these measures will improve the quality of living while reducing the operating costs for our tenants.

Interaction within the company is increasingly aligned with ideas of sustainability. A "Diversity" working group has drawn up a catalog of measures in this area, further training efforts have been stepped up, and guidelines have been published which - such as the guideline on human rights - have put existing basic convictions into written and thus readable form. For the first time, we also conducted an employee survey to find out the opinions, attitudes and wishes of all employees. We also ensured that no one from the affected workforce lost their job in the course of the portfolio disposals.

To keep our tenants happy, we are looking for new ways and, for example, initiated a tenant survey for the first time in 2021. And despite the restrictions we have all had to accept as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, we continue to find opportunities to get in touch with our tenants and address their concerns outside the purely commercial relationship - at neighborhood management events, round tables with tenant initiatives, or when planning measures in the residential environment.