A key aspect of Human Resources work at the Adler Group is raising staff awareness for diversity, inclusion and equal rights – including communication, spoken language and the introduction of a “first name culture”. The Adler Group regards diversity as a boon, both in day-to-day interactions and in work performance. A staff that consists of people from different backgrounds automatically has a wide range of experience, expertise and creativity.

While the Adler Group has always felt this way about diversity, these principles were codified and set out in writing in a Human Rights Policy. It spells out the company's commitment to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), to fundamental rights like the freedom of association, to diversity and against discrimination, to regular working hours and minimum wages, against child and forced labour.

To embed diversity in the company, the Adler Group set up a diversity programme in 2021, devised by the specially created Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. This panel, which is chaired by a member of the Senior Management, also includes the equal opportunity commssioner. To underline the seriousness of its commitment to diversity, the Adler Group signed the 'Charta der Vielfalt' (Diversity Charter) in conjunction with this programme. This initiative was created in 2006 to promote equal opportunities for all employees. By signing it, the Adler Group has made a firm commitment to its principles which can be documented within the company and to its outside.

In order to achieve its manifold goals, the diversity programme of the Adler Group has proposed a variety of instruments and activities that will now gradually be launched at the company. These include:

Mentoring programmes

Raising employee awareness via learning concepts

Employee networks, for instance parent groups

Job sharing

Job rotation throughout Germany  

Active language lessons

Alumni network support

Programmes for compatibility of work and family

The stipulations of the diversity programme are also applied when recruiting new employees. Hiring decisions are subject to the utmost transparency for all stakeholders.