For Adler Group, diversity is a matter of course, as it means equal opportunities and tolerance, equal and fair treatment of all employees and appreciating different ways of thinking, different views and assessments. While people from 35 different nationalities are employed at Adler Group, they also have a wide range of educational qualifications and backgrounds. Open and respectful intercultural communication promotes mutual understanding and helps avoid diversity-specific barriers in professional development. The talent management programme, for instance, takes diversity criteria into account in the selection of potential candidates, thus promoting diversity at all levels of the company.

In 2022, Adler Group signed the Diversity Charter, a voluntary commitment launched by German companies and institutions in 2006 to promote a work environment without prejudices. Its signatories committed to creating and promoting equal opportunities for all employees in their company. At Adler Group, diversity is structurally and organisationally anchored in the “Diversity & Inclusion” working group, which also includes representatives of the senior management.