Health and safety

at the workplace

Adler Group's occupational health and safety department is responsible for ensuring that workplaces do not pose any risks to (employee) health, that workplaces are in line

with ergonomic demands, and that all facilities for first aid are functional. In the past, Adler Group has continuously improved occupational health and safety, primarily by training new HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) managers. The great interest and commitment shown by employees was remarkable.

Thanks to extensive health and safety precautions, accidents during day-to-day operations were largely avoided. In 2023, there were only 16 accidents at work or on the way to work. There were no fatalities in 2023 either. 6.0% of all working days were lost due to illness in 2023 (EPRA “H&S Emp”).

An important component of the activities to promote health and safety in 2023 was again the risk assessment of all employees with regard to mental stress in the workplace and due to changes in the Company. In relevant cases, targeted discussions were held with employees, also with the involvement of the respective managers, and opportunities for relief were identified.