Environmental Protection

in the Adler Group

The Adler Group has made a commitment to Excellence in Sustainability. For a real estate company, this primarily means taking steps to reduce the energy and heat consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions in its rental portfolio.

This was achieved in 2021. For example, specific heating energy consumption, measured in kWh/m², fell by 5.0 percent across the portfolio, while specific electricity consumption, also measured in kWh/m², fell by 1.6 percent.

In keeping with regulatory requirements, Adler Group strives to reduce CO2 emissions from electricity consumption and heating in the existing portfolio by 50% until 2030 (compared to 2020). In order to reach this objective, the Group had developed a plan in 2021 combining investment measures with initiatives that are focused on structural measures and energy systems. This plan, however, was put on hold for the time being as the refinancing conditions for Adler Group changed, the portfolio had to be significantly scaled down and as it was not certain for a long time which properties would be retained.